About Us

Based in Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Bonart¬†Art Gallery¬†is India’s newest and most exciting art gallery.It’s collection features the work by the most promising young Indian artists as well as pieces from countries as far afield as Argentina, Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Pakistan, Qatar and Romania.

Ram Dogra, Bonart’s founder, has travelled widely to collect this splendid collection.His philosophy is that great art has no boundries and he aims to incubate the best of India’s emerging talent.

The gallery is committed to creating new alliances between artists,collectors and institutions and hence creating a great partnership for the growth and promotion of art.All artworks are original works and are sourced directly from the artist and have a certificate of authenticity given by the artist.

Services Offered –

  • Art Advisory
  • Framing