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Bonart Gallery

Bonart Gallery

BonArt is a contemporary art gallery in South Delhi’s vibrant art district. It brings talent from India, Pakistan, many European and central Asian countries. The Gallery prides itself on the quality of its paintings and guides the client on the talent trends in the world. The business is run by a young entrepreneur.

  • It promotes talented new artists.
  • It has a collection of fine art work from India and abroad.
  • Some great artists are part of its splendid collection.
  • We would be pleased to help you to place the art work in your house.

Pichwai’s of Nathdwara

The beautiful artform originated about four hundred years ago.The world Pichwai derives from the Sanskrit words Pich meaning back and Wai meaning hanging.These are cloth …

Niladri Paul

Niladri Paul

Bahuroopi Maquette, 2020, Bronze by KS Radhakrishnan.


Descending into Musui, 2020, Bronze, 51 x 18.5 x 18 cm by KS Radhakrishnan.

Sanjay Sah – Aspiration

Aspiration By Artist Sanjay Sah Size – 36 by 48 inches Price 60,000 Rupees

Sanjay Sah – Nature Moods

Nature Moods By Artist Sanjay Sah Size – 51 by 38.5 inches Price 80,000 Rupees

Paresh Mridha – Painting

Painting By Artist Paresh Mridha Size – 24 by 24 inches Price 48,000 Rupees

Pushpita’s – Immersion

Immersion By Artist Pushpita’s Size – 36 by 48 inches Price 80,000 Rupees

European Artist – Fruits in Season

Fruits in Season By Artist European Artist Size – 28 by 21 inches Price On Request

Karuna Priya – Immortal

Immortal By Artist Karuna Priya Size – 27 by 23 inches Price 30,000 Rupees

Sanjay Sah – Folkart

Folkart Paintings By Artist Sanjay Sah Size – 34 by 36 inches Price 50,000 Rupees

V G Rana – 5 Elephants

5 Elephants By Artist V G Rana Size – 36 by 48 inches Price 70,000 Rupees

V G Rana – Polo Players

Polo Players By Artist V G Rana Size – 36 by 48 inches Price 70,000 Rupees

Dinesh – Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers By Artist Dinesh Size – 36 by 36 inches Price 35,000 Rupees

Dipnarayan Pal – Krishna Consciousness

Krishna Consciousness By Dipnarayan Pal Size – 36 by 48 inches Price 85,000 Rupees

Karuna Priya – Moon Martini

Moon Martini By Artist Karunapriya Size  35 by 43 inches Price  45,000 rupees

Jitendra Dangi – Sita at Ashok Vatika

Sita at Ashok Vatika By Jitendra Dangi Size   20 by 32 inches Price  On Request

Jitendra Dangi – Krishna

Krishna By Jitendra Dangi. Size – 36 by 48 inches Price On Request

Karuna Priya – We All Wear Masks

Talented artist from Orissa. Her artwork is inspired by Klimt. An artist to watch out for. Size   50 by 50 inches Price- 75, 000 …

Jitendra Dangi – Ramayan Series

Ramayan Series By Artist Jitendra Dangi. Size 48 by  60 inches Price on request

Jitendra Dangi – Four Brothers

Four Brothers By Jitendra Dangi. Size  40 by 60 inches Price  On Request

Jitendra Dangi – Under the Tree

Artist Jitendra Dangi Size   48 by 48 inches Price  On Request

Cityscape By Moinuddin Mullick

Cityscape By Moinuddin Mullick. Size – 33 and a half by 43 inches Price – 70, 000 Rupees

My Dreams Are Beautiful

My Dreams Are Beautiful By Amit Karak. Size – 38 by 41 inches.

Krishna and the Gopies

Krishna and the Gopies By Artist Paresh Mirdha. Acrylic on Canvas. Size – 48 by 48 inches

Running Horses By VG Rana

Running Horses By VG Rana. Size – 40 by 81 inches.  

Couple – Artist Ranjan Paul Painting

Artist Ranjan Paul Painting Size – 36 by 48 inches.

Vinayaka by Subrata Ghosh

Vinayaka by Subrata Ghosh. Subrata Ghosh tries to touch temporarily from the perspective of timelessness.Indian classical art inspires him and helps him to build his …

Moinuddin Mullick – Fantasy 9

Fantasy 9 Acrylic on Canvas. Size – 48 ” x 36″ Artist – Moinuddin Mullick

Moinuddin Mullick – Baranasi Ghat 26

Baranasi Ghat 26  Acrylic on Canvas. Size – 24 ” x 30″ Artist – Moinuddin Mullick

Moinuddin Mullick – Baranasi Ghat 24

Baranasi Ghat 24  Acrylic on Canvas. Size – 24 ” x 30″ Artist – Mainuddin Mullick

Moinuddin Mullick – Baranasi Ghat 25

Baranasi Ghat 25  Acrylic on Canvas. Size – 24 ” x 30″ Artist – Moinuddin Mullick

Kishore Roy – Love

Amar Sultan – Gallery

Artist Amar Sultan. Size is 28 inches by 48 inches.

Blue Ganesha By Kanchan Chander

Blue Ganesha Painting By Kanchan Chander.

Mother and daughter – Niren Sengupta

Mother and daughter by Niren Sengupta

Figurative Painting by Farhad Hussein

Human Painting By Artist Farhad Hussein. A 2003 graduate from Shantiniketan,Husain went on to complete his postgraduate diploma from MS Baroda. Farhad”s paintings dwell on the …

Ranjan Paul – Woman and Cat

Woman and Cat By Ranjan Paul. Size – 28×34 Inches

Paresh Mirdha – Krishna and Gopies

Krishna  and Gopies Painting By Artist Paresh Mirdha. Size is 48 by 48 inches. Acrylic on canvas

Painting By Kanchan Chander

Kanchan”s art particularly of the last decade is the art of assertion,of the domestic centricity of feminine experience,of an iconic feminine energy,Her recent works of …

Subrata Ghosh – End Of The Law

End Of The Law By  Subrata Ghosh. Acrylic on Canvas, 2017 Size- 48 x 72 Inchs. Price – Rs.200000.

Subrata Ghosh – TIN KANYA-II

TIN KANYA-II By  Subrata Ghosh. Acrylic and Charcoal  on Canvas, 2017. Size- 45x45inch, Rs. 130000

Art washes away from the soul The dust of everyday life

Women tying her shoe.