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Bonart Gallery

BonArt is a contemporary art gallery in South Delhi’s vibrant art district. It brings talent from India, Pakistan, many European and central Asian countries.

The Gallery prides itself on the quality of its paintings and guides the client on the talent trends in the world. The business is run by a young entrepreneur.

  • It promotes talented new artists.
  • It has a collection of fine art work from India and abroad.
  • Some great artists are part of its splendid collection.
  • We would be pleased to help you to place the art work in your house.

Pichwai’s of Nathdwara

The beautiful artform originated about four hundred years ago.The world Pichwai derives from the Sanskrit words Pich meaning back and Wai meaning hanging.These are cloth paintings hung behind the image of the Hindu God Shrinathji.These are intricate paintings which portray Lord Krishna.Krishna is shown in different moods,body postures and attire.The purpose of Pichwai’s,other than the artistic appeal,is to narrate tales of Krishna to the people..

Nathdwara is a small town about forty kilometers north of Udaipur,a city of Rajasthan.Shrinathji,the principle…